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Beginning with the premium sheeting soap we use at Kings of Clean, your vehicle will love the difference immediately.  
 All vehicles are hand washed  with the sheeting  soap which benefits your automobile in three ways. First, by prolonging the life of your wax and finish because it doesn’t have the harsh chemicals, like alkaline, that cheaper soaps have. Unfortunately far too many in the detail industry think only of saving money and some don’t know the harmful effects of soaps with harsh additives. 

Secondly the sheeting soap allows the water to slide off the vehicle in sheets, thus the name sheeting soap, preventing the water spots a beading soap may allow if the vehicle isn’t dried fast enough.

Thirdthe more your car is washed with our premium soap the better your automobile will shine, because wax is added to the ingredients.

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Waxing is imperative to maintaining a new car finish. Far too many in the detail industry offer waxing services but don’t share with the consumer why it’s so necessary. Here’s why; destructive material called contaminants that come from weather, dirt, even water, are looking for weakened areas to adhere to your vehicle and once they do they’re damaging to your finish. The wax leaves a barrier on your automobile making it difficult for the contaminants to stick, thereby protecting your finish, which is the purpose of waxing. Here’s where Kings of Clean is set apart from many of my competitors. Some wash the vehicle and immediately apply the wax leaving the destructive contaminants on the vehicle; unfortunately those destructive materials can’t simply be washed away. A special product is used at Kings of Clean to remove the contaminants first so that when apply our high grade paste wax you’re completely protected.  Once a vehicle has lost its luster waxing isn’t going to restore it, the contaminants have done its damage. Here is where the saying ‘an ounce of prevention is better than a cure aptly applies. If your finish has diminished all hope is not lost though. This is when buffing is needed.

Buffing is needed when an automobile has lost its new car finish, or may have minor imperfections such as light scratches. It takes great skill and the right products to buff a vehicle correctly. In far too many cases the client pay good monies to have their vehicles finish restored to find the detailer didn’t have the skill set. Without the right skills and equipment many vehicles are left with what we call in the detail industry ‘swirl marks’, or compound and wax are left on window seals and door handles, places waxes and compounds shouldn’t be. Here at Kings of Clean we guarantee there will be no swirl marks and we won’t leave unsightly evidence your car was buffed.

Leather cleaning and conditioning is important to maintaining your leather. Leather needs moisture and with the hot, dry conditions we have here in the southern part of the country it becomes imperative to use premium leather conditioners. It’s the dried condition of the leather that causes your precious leather seats to crack and later split. Some use the water based conditioners to treat leather seats but here at Kings of Clean we use a premium leather conditioner with mink oil and only safe non-destructive cleaners are used.

Odor elimination: When it comes to eliminating odors, whether it be cigarette odors, pet urine, feces, well you get the picture, at Kings of Clean we don’t simply mask the odor with fragrances we eradicate, completely eliminate the poignant odors with an odorless enzyme solution. And don’t worry it’s guaranteed not to discolor or damage your vehicle.

New Rim Care: Many don’t realize that new rims come with a protective coating that aids in preserving the finish. Many detail shops use harmful and destructive materials that shorten the life of that protective coating and sometimes it’s just a matter of wear, as you know nothing lasts forever. Inmost cases here at the Kings of Clean we can restore your damaged rims even if they were damaged by acid. At the very least I’d suggest periodically having your rims polished and the protective coating re-applied. 

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